Monthly Archive: March 2011


SEO and Design

Four months ago Google rolled out what I think is an under examined feature, Site Preview. This little addition allows users to preview what the site looks like before they click. So you’re asking yourself what does site design have to do...

InfoGraph on History of Social Media 0

InfoGraph on History of Social Media

This is a great InforGraph on the history of Social Media.  Click to enlarge.Courtesy of Central Desktop


Social Media – Low Tech

I’ve written before that not all Social Media is Facebook and Twitter. In the old days we had forums and bulletin boards which were very social indeed. The best social media reaches the customers you want at a time and place that...


Flash Still Not Seen By Search Engines – Update 2011

Reading Jill Whalen’s lastest email newletter and one of my favorite topics came up.  How well do search engines index Flash sites or Flash on sites. I always tell people that if they really want interactivity on their sites there are other...

AddThis adds Multiple Profiles 0

AddThis adds Multiple Profiles

AddThis has added the ability to have multiple profiles, allowing your to share an account with team members or clients. Profiles also include blocked domains and custom email templates. Measuring the lift you get from your social media efforts is challenging. AddThis,...

Social Media Management Companies 0

Social Media Management Companies

  You can see the social business stack on the left developed by Altimiter. This is a great chart showing the many different apsects of Social Media from creation to propogation. This week they posted about the growth in Social Media Management...

SEO – “I’m not dead yet” 0

SEO – “I’m not dead yet”

To quote a favorite Monty Python line SEO is not dead yet, nor has it peaked. With the latest release of Panda from Google, getting to the top of the search results is still an attainable goal for many sites. Google will...


Site of the Week – Best Buy

  Usability is a critical factor in website conversion so making your site as user friendly as possible should be an ongoing, never-ending goal. Best Buy is my first site of the week. Here’s why. Large easy to read navigation with fewer...

Google Adwords are Better than Facebook Ads 0

Google Adwords are Better than Facebook Ads

If you’re getting caught up in the Social Media world and think it would be perfect to advertise your product or service through Facebook due to its extreme targeting it avails,  you might want to first consider the following obvious factors. Facebook...

Did Google’s Algorithm Change Your Ranking? 0

Did Google’s Algorithm Change Your Ranking?

Google, in an effort to get rid of spam sites known as content farms changed their famous algorithm in an effort to deliver better results for their customers. This is a good idea for almost everyone, unless of course you run a...