Monthly Archive: July 2011


What is Your Site Optimized for?

Optimizing your site for users (SEO, or what I call UOC) should be one of your main goals because with a few exceptions, it offers one of the highest converting channels for many industries. For some ecommerce businesses a good email marketing will...


Total Customer eCommerce

Are you marketing to your entire customer or just to the part that wants your specific product? Holistic Digital Marketing & eCommerce Like you, your customer is multi-dimensional. Customers have different interests and reasons for buying and remaining loyal to a brand or...


Site of the Week – Bed, Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond is the lone home goods retailer since Linen’s and Thing’s folded a while back. They have a great selection of products, sometimes at fantastic prices. I’ve always thought the stores were a bit crowded in an old fashioned...