Monthly Archive: September 2011


How Not to Use QR Codes for Print

  QR Codes are quickly gaining popularity. Because of this many companeis are putting them everywhere, often without thought as to what they want to accomplish. How to have a Bad Customer Experinece with QR Codes In a recent Sunday newspaper (yes,...


6 Lessons about Marketing from 20 Years of Marriage

It will be 20 years since I married my beautiful wife on September 21, 1991. Since then I’ve worked hard on 3 things; staying happily married, surviving my children, and digital marketing and eCommerce. I’ve had great success on all three and...


The Gamification of Politics

Love him or hate him President Obama was the first US politician to use Social Media to rip the roof off of online fundraising. So much so that even many republican candidates are taking pages out of his 2008 playbook. It appears...