Monthly Archive: September 2015

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5 Thoughts on #Fail Resistant Messaging

The Internet is an insatiable beast. It needs fodder to keep churning out giggles, laughs, tears and of course, outrage. For the most part the faux content machine of the net churns out shareable content at a breakneck pace. These take care of...


10 Social Holiday Checkup Ideas

Are you ready for the holiday and the social challenges and opportunities it brings?  Now is the time to check your holiday plans twice for the upcoming holiday season. Here are some things you need to think about now. You’ll see that...

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6 Lessons from 24 Years of Marriage

I originally posted this 4 years ago on my 20th wedding anniversary. Lessons I still need to remind myself both in my marriage and my work life. But especially in my marriage, the more important of the two. It will be 20 24...