Nick Valente has built Successful Internet Strategies for several companies over the past 16 years. Below are some selected accomplishments and results ranging from launching and managing large website projects, SEO, Affiliate Marketing, PPC  & Social Media to new online business launches in both B2B and B2C environment

Verizon– Leadership role in social media across enterprise

  • Associate director for Verizon Wireless, 2011 – 2016. Responsible for organic and paid media strategy and implementation. Increased share of conversation and engagement 14% YoY.
  • Introduced key technology improvements to social publishing methodologies including bringing on Sprinklr as an enterprise wide publishing platform
  • Started and manage employee advocacy. Lead social media governance. Performance metrics are proprietary.

D&M Holdings

As the Director of SEO & Social Media Nick Valente was responsilbe for growing traffic and brand recognition for Denon, Marantz and Boston Acoustics.

  • Developed blogging & Facebook strategy for all brands
  • Led efforts to develop a internal socail media policy
  • Developed a sustainable social media plan involving customer service resulting in timely respnoses across all initiated platforms
  • Increased Boston Acoustics organic rankings to high page one results including 15 new high level keywords like Home Theater, Bookshelf Speaker, Floorstanding speaker and in-ceiling speaker as well as dozens of lesser terms
  • Increased Denon’s organic traffic results over 200% from October 2010 through February 2011
  • Increased Denon’s facebook fans from 2,000 to over 65,000 in 100 days during the 2010 holiday season
  • Increased Denon’s online mind-share with over 35,000 new conversations during the key holiday selling season

The Speaker Company

As General Manager of a pure-play Internet ecommerce compnay Nick launched The Speaker Company, a new division of D&M Holdings, a $1B consumer electronics business in 90 days.

  • Build up product line from overseas suppliers within 90 days
  • Build ecommerce site with outsourced vendor
  • SEO Within 8 months of program start had over 500 top keyword rankings in the top 10
  • Launched successful SEM PPC program with a 1.5% conversion rate
  • Launched successful Affiliate program contributing 20+% of revenue 5 months after launch
  • Increased conversions with Google optimizer to 1.8%
  • Set up customer support and EasyLink Services

  • Successfully launched start-up project increasing revenue by 405% in 2006
  • Increased conversion rate of online registration by 52% in 6 months
  • Launched Affiliate, trained affiliate manager, increased orders by 251% in 2006
  • Increased revenue by 30% month over month through Online and Affiliate marketing
  • Manage profitable online marketing campaign reducing acquisition costs by 2/3
  • Relaunched Intranet with easy to manage CMS (content management system)
  • Successfully outsourced customer service and development overseas reducing cost while gaining 24 X 7 coverage

Led planning efforts for consumer medical information website company

  • Increased email sign ups by 25% and a 31% click-through
  • Design of automated email creation platform increasing productivity by over 250%
  • Increase productivity of Google Ad Word campaign by over 500%
  • Content management and strategy planning leading to an increase of over 60 new pieces of content in less than 90 days
    Increased usability with over 20 usability recommendations

Led planning efforts and marketing for AT&T’s 3 main web sites- AT&T WorldNet, and – consistently ranked in top 25 of all websites visited

  • Charter member of 10 person start up team
  • Launched AT&T WorldNet into the number 3 Internet provider by developing innovative member plans and feature sets, differentiating the service with 6 email id’s and 60MB of personal publishing space
  • 50% increase in e-commerce revenue year over year for
  • Led Product Management team to the following successful implementations:
  • Managed 6M+ email mailboxes and innovations with SPAM blocking
  • Developed and managed Web based email and instant messaging platforms
  • Managed key efforts to build e-commerce storefront for AT&T’s consumer products
  • Managed development of personalized online web portals
  • Developed co-branded affinity marketing with major corporations including USA Today, Continental Airlines
  • Developed co-marketing arrangements, including deals with Amazon, 24/7 Media, DoubleClick and other online resellers and advertisers
  • Led redesign to re-purpose to an e-commerce portal, achieving #1 ranked industry portal from Across the Board Magazine
  • Led online interactive marketing efforts including collateral development, site development and e-marketing newsletters
  • Collaborated with Legal to craft AT&T’s online privacy policy
  • Up to 20% cost reduction by bringing 200+ AT&T websites under 1 publishing system
  • Secured funding, built and launched AT&T into a top 135 website in less than 6 months, earning 6 PC magazine top 100 awardsDeveloped industry firsts including “reverse number lookup” and “click to dial”
  • Increased directory accuracy to 90% while reducing costs by $4M, achieving’s profitability ahead of schedule through technology and partnerships
  • Increased usage by 20% investing in radio and magazine marketing campaigns

AT&T Labs product line Natural Voices Text to Speech.

  • Charter member of 3 person start up team
  • $88M revenue in Interactive Speech by 3rd quarter 2003 leading 6 Senior Business Development Managers
  • Led sales team to 92% of sales goal in first year of a new business
  • Initiated online sales efforts by identifying partnerships and vendors to create cost effective and ongoing online revenue steam, contributing an additional 15-20% while reducing costs
  • Opened new markets for Text to Speech products, raising the bar on customer expectations, by creating product offers and organizing channel marketing strategies
  • Developed partnerships with major speech players including Nuance and Voice Genie

AT&T EasyLink & Computer Systems

  • Developed marketing plan for new auto-response features for attmail
  • Increased sales from $6M to $24M annually
  • Grew and managed a base of 220 Value Added Resellers
  • Led restructuring of IT department through audits and re-staffing


  • 1 of 266 out of 135,000 honored with True Spirit Award Winner for innovation and determination
  • Red Carpet Award winner for creativity and persistence
  • Recipient of President’s Club Award twice for exceeding goals
  • Received Achievers Club Award twice for exceeding goals