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Archos Smart Watch 0

Finally, a Good Looking Smart Watch

Archos, a company more known for it’s tablets and MP3/video players has announced a trio of Smart watches. Rather than go for the does everything under the sun route of Samsung and others, they are keeping it real. But what really struck...


How Not to Use QR Codes for Print

  QR Codes are quickly gaining popularity. Because of this many companeis are putting them everywhere, often without thought as to what they want to accomplish. How to have a Bad Customer Experinece with QR Codes In a recent Sunday newspaper (yes,...

The Final Word on Duplicate Content 1

The Final Word on Duplicate Content

Not a month goes by that someone does not ask me about duplicate content and its affect on your rankings in Google, and your social media planning. At lunch a few weeks ago a colleague complained that he is also constantly asked...