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AI & IoT will Change the World Sooner than you Think

AI, artificial intelligence has made great leaps in the past few years and is poised to make greater leaps in the very near future. Two articles by Vivek Wadwa drove home that point for me this week. The sentence in a recent...

Great places to find good content to share in social media 0

Find Content Before Others Do

Finding good content to share is often a chore. Finding good content that everyone else hasn’t already shared is even more challenging. Listed below are 4 ways to get some quality content that others may not have gotten to yet. Quibb Reddit...

6 social media goals for 2016 0

6 Social Media goals for 2016

New year, new goals. Here are 6 social media goals I have in mind for 2016, what are yours? Be more human. Don’t talk like a salesperson or a political partisan. No one cares. Once you go to “that place” most people stop listening....


Diversity in Marketing & Advertising

Diversity is a greatly underused in day to day marketing activities.  Diversity in Reaching Millennials Everyone knows that millennials are the most diverse generation to date. They are highly cross cultural and more easily handle cross cultural marketing then most other groups, except...

No Fail 0

5 Thoughts on #Fail Resistant Messaging

The Internet is an insatiable beast. It needs fodder to keep churning out giggles, laughs, tears and of course, outrage. For the most part the faux content machine of the net churns out shareable content at a breakneck pace. These take care of...