Bill Fallon, Vice President, Global Marketing and Corporate Communications, EasyLink Services Corporation – managed Nick at EasyLink Services
“Nick Valente is one of the few people who can truthfully state that he has over 10 years’ experience conceiving, developing and running Internet-based businesses. This is knowledge that is not easily found, but is immensely beneficial to organizations looking to grow revenue. Nick joined EasyLink shortly after we rolled out RapidFax, our Internet-Fax service and made an immediate impact as the General Manager of that business, identifying and driving critical improvements in user-experience, go-to-market programs, billing and servicing infrastructure. Thanks to Nick’s insights and leadership RapidFax achieved 200% of plan in its first full year of operation. I strongly recommend Nick to any organization looking to establish or grow an Internet-based business” December 30, 2006

Frank Toscano, Director of Product Manager, EasyLink Services
worked directly with Nick at EasyLink Services
“Nick is one of the best managers I have worked with. His knowledge of business, internet and conventional marketing as well as his ability to mentor those around him make him an asset in any organization. Nick identifies opportunities and executes, he monitors and makes corrective actions in order to exceed targeted objectives. I could not recommend an individual any higher than I could Nick, he will add value to any position he holds and provide tremendous support and knowledge to those around him.” February 7, 2007

Udayan Bose, Chief Executive, NetElixir, Inc
was a consultant or contractor to Nick at EasyLink Services
“Nick has been a great client to work with. Always committed to business growth, particular about the details, ever willing to help and support a start up like us through valuable advice, suggestions and referrals.With his astute understanding of the online advertising space he is a great asset to have by your side, anyday.” December 19, 2006

Barbara Tafil, Director, Operations, Choice Media
worked directly with Nick at Choice Media
“I had the pleasure to work closely with Nick for 6 months at Choice Media. His vision and creativity was a great asset during the redesign of our sites. Nick possesses the unique combination of both leadership and management skills while maintaining a human touch.” June 6, 2005

Bryant Parent, Director, Product and Marketing Management, AT&T
worked directly with Nick at AT&T
“I worked closely with Nick at AT&T when he was the Director of Sales for Interactive Speech Technologies. We launched a text-to-speech product and managed it together during the first year it was commercially available. During this time, I found Nick to be an innovative, out-of-the box thinker that excelled in an entrepreneurial environment. His creativity and drive were instrumental in the product’s successful launch. He was a true team player and a pleasure to work with.” December 22, 2006

Rich Alexander – Product Director, Virgin Mobile USA June 2004:
Peer: Nick provided outstanding entrepreneurial leadership in supporting the evolution of AT&T Worldnet Service. He and his team were instrumental in our efforts to expand via co-branded partnership distribution deals with the likes of Citibank, Sam’s Club, Continental and others.

Chris Varley – Associate Director, Nortech June 2004:
Direct Supervisor Nick worked for me at AT&T. I was extremely impressed by his diligence, creativity, and tenacity. His work was indispensable to the success of the WorldNet site, the AT&T corporate site, and the AnyWho directory service. Despite an environment of constant change both within the company and in the industry at large, Nick remained focused and committed to finding the best way to Get Things Done.

Mary Capella – Web Site Manager, Wells Fargo.com May 2004:
Former employee: “I worked for a small firm for 9 years before going to work for Nick Valente at AT&T on a new online venture called AT&T WorldNet Service. I had images of walking through 40-foot high doors with the AT&T powers-that-be waiting on the other side to chew me up and spit me out. In other words, I was terrified. Instead I walked into an experience I will never forget and never stop benefiting from. Nick, while working well within the corporate environment, created an entrepreneurial atmosphere that was challenging, creative, energizing, productive, rewarding and downright fun. We had a terrific team, performing at their best, while learning and enjoying the journey. I learned more in my first two years with Nick than I had in my previous nine years of experience. I charted a new career direction with his guidance and believe anyone can benefit by working for or with him.”

Scott Brenner – former employee May 2004:
Former employee: I worked closely with Nick for several years at AT&T. He always impressed me as a very smart guy, with great business savvy and knowledge of cutting-edge technology. His people skills are exceptional, even in challenging situations. Scott Brenner,

Jennifer Hayes, Consultant, AT&T
reported to Nick at AT&T
“Nick is an excellent manager who always provides his team with clear and challenging objectives. He is detailed oriented but does not micro manage. Nick empowers his team to perform their work and supports them in any way to reach their business objectives. Nick is a very good communicator, manager and friend.” January 8, 2007

R. Colin Hickey – Peer June 2004:
Peer: I have had the pleasure to work with Nick on several occasions and can personally vouch for his leadership, creativity and boundless energy. Nick is one of those unique individuals who combines a keen business sense with a clear vision of where the industry is headed. This enables him to drive business in a way that both envelops strategic partners and delights end customers.