Diversity in Marketing & Advertising

Diversity is a greatly underused in day to day marketing activities. candy-corn

Diversity in Reaching Millennials

Everyone knows that millennials are the most diverse generation to date. They are highly cross cultural and more easily handle cross cultural marketing then most other groups, except maybe the next generation behind them, the Digitals.  Does your company build marketing plans that take this into account?

Diverse Marketing Workforce

Geographic – When building a diverse marketing plan are you using a big-city agency filled with millennials that although diverse in race, are not in their geographic mindset. If your agency or staff are filled with individuals from just one geographic background, your going to get what they know, nothing more.

Age – It’s often difficult to see yourself as you are when your “in the moment”.  Same holds true for  millennials. If all your marketing staff are 22 – 34 year old’s, you’re missing out. Baby boomers, who delivered you this new target generation, not only instilled a lot of their mindset on them but can add a perspective to your marketing to them only they can have.

Interests – Not every millennial has the same interests. They are like everyone else. Some like sports, others play music. Some like gaming, some prefer reading. You get the idea. Keeping a diverse group of interests is also key to a balanced approach to marketing to millennials.

What additional thoughts do you have on diversity in marketing?

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