The top 5 things to never post on your company social media handles

5 things you should never post on your company social handlesJust read a great post about 10 things not to post on your social handle. Here’s my list of things not to post on your business social handle. A lot of the following will seem like a duh, no kidding. Then again I’ve seen a lot of duh in my 6 years of doing social media. Enough small talk, here’s the list.

  1. A direct hit on a competitor.  Calling out a competitor for an error or mistake, especially if the same event could have easily happened to you.
  2. Using a competitors #hashtag theme or message unless you’re really sure you won’t get called out for being a plagiarizer or  worse yet, getting called out for actually for fitting the bill of the hashtag.
  3. Posting during any solemn event anniversary even with the best intentions. So many things can go wrong, and have.
  4. Engaging with another brand unexpectedly. This could turn out cute or well, not. Everyone does not have the same sense of humor or willingness to engage with you.
  5. Responses to competitors. No matter how much they bate you, you’re almost always better off sticking to your strategy and above the fray.

As always I’m sure there are many other ideas you’ll have about what not to post on your social channels. Please share them in the comments or reference this and write your own post.

As always, these represent my opinions, and mine alone.

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