5 Ways to use Instagram you may be afraid to do.

Instagram has now been with us for 5 years. Who would have thought a simple photo sharing app could have gone so far in such a short time. But let’s cut to the chase, here’s the list of five things you should try on Instagram but are likely afraid to.

  1. Showcase your products in situation where they don’t belong. 10598199_1444474249164096_1753643998_n
    Why: Because unusual gets noticed and shared. This could also be an affinity play with a segment you’re targeting.
    Risks: Companies are often reluctant to put their products out of place for fear of being outside their narrative. My advice, get over it.
  2. Food, food and more food. Find ways to integrate food into your product posts even if you don’t sell food. Not the same as putting your products where they don’t belong.
    Why: Few things share better on Instagram than food. Period.
    Risks: The food is what’s being shared, not your product. but if you’re going for exposure, this is a good path.
  3. Video without your brand in it. Creating short form video that is meaningful and interesting is always a challenge, and often expensive. Not putting your brand in it shows your interest in your customers interest.
    Why: Video gets noticed. Showing you care about them and not just shilling your product shows your “human” side.
    Risks: Your executives get bent out of shape because hey, you didn’t mention your product! Again, get over it.
  4. Behind the scenes views. Showing how your product is made, sold or used can be a frightful thing. It might even be down right dangerous. That’s what might make it interesting.
    Why: Because it shows you’re aware, transparent and paying attention to the market and your customers.
    Risks: You need to find ways to support your main marketing pillars while still showing things that expose things not normally seen. This could work better for some than others but is worth considering.
  5. Turing your account over to an influencer. Gone are the days of independent influencers you could craft your message with. Today most belong to a representative group and want to call their own shots. No edits. Scary huh?
    Why: They not only lend credibility and they are not stupid. Hurting your brand will not get them more clients.
    Risks: They might not hit your tone or voice exactly, and of course that also might piss off an executive or two. Do I need to say it?

As you can see most of these things run into trouble when we don’t set expectations with senior management on how social works and what the benefits are. I’m not suggesting anyone take unnecessary risks but if you want to explore new markets, segments or simply expand your current base you sometimes have to take some chances.

Can you add to this list? Please do so in the comments or reference this post and post your own followup.

Credits: Cake photo by https://instagram.com/cakesalmakes/ Custom cakes, cupcakes & cookies made with healthy alternatives.

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  1. Marc Diament says:

    Good Post! I never saw Instagram as a marketing tool for my company until now.

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