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Are you marketing to your entire customer or just to the part that wants your specific product?

Holistic Digital Marketing & eCommerce

Like you, your customer is multi-dimensional. Customers have different interests and reasons for buying and remaining loyal to a brand or website. Knowing those interests is key to successfully marketing and selling to your customer.

Make an effort to understand what really moves your customer, especially in relation to your products. Without this knowledge you’re running a one-dimensional marketing campaign and eCommerce business. Armed with this information you can build our your marketing and content directions in a way that is meaningful for your customers.

Specific Action Plans

Start with a  MindMap – Start with your product at the center. Here is an example:

  • Related Products
  • Events
  • Emotional Triggers & Health
  • Trends

Let’s take the home entertainment  electronics industry as an example:

Related Product (depending on your main product)

  • Gaming
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Connectors
  • Seating
  • Wall treatments
  • Content (movies and music)
  • Snacks


  • This week in Movie, Music history
  • Technology history
  • Current Events

Emotional Triggers & Health

  • Holidays
  • Seasonal
  • Photography, Video
  • Family time
  • Vision & Hearing information

Trends & Technology

  • New technology – educational
  • Future technology
  • Related technologies


  • Latest Movies, Music & Games
  • Can tie into Emotional, Technology & History

Can you can see the possibilities? You also need to do things like surveys and carefully watch your analytics to see where your specific customer base is most interested. Between their on-site reactions and analytics will tell you want percentage you should feature AC/DC or Pink in your music mentions.

Email & Social Media (including your blogs)

Now that you’ve got the information you want, it’s time to integrate this into your marketing message and web properties. Write blog posts and social media content based around your discoveries. Mix informational items in with your emails. Now it’s time to start looking at your results.

  • Monitor your analytics for trends and interests
  • Read comments on blogs and social media outlets
  • Look at survey results
  • Look at which content types create the most conversions
  • Add information to your product descriptions that reflect your customers total needs

This information will give you more information about your customers that you can use to further target your them with more detailed content. Engaging customers in a broader segment of their life makes your a valuable partner, not just a vendor trying to sell them something. It’s really simple, customers that are more engaged with your brand or site are more likely to stay customers then those who are not.

Additional Benefits

  • Possible Higher Email Open Rate
  • More Social Engagement and Sharing

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