Will iOS5 Cause a Twitter Explosion

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According to a study released on June 1, 2011  by Pew Research 13% of Americans use Twitter. About half of these use thier phones to access the micro-blogging service. Ok that’s a lot of people right?

Twitter on iOS5

So what happens when one iOS5 integrates twitter into its devices?  The  iPhone, iPads &  iPod touch will all introduce many new users to Twitter. With millions of iOS5 users having easy access to tweeting, will this trigger an explosion of tweets? 

Are you ready for it if it comes?

Whether the IOS5 triggers an explosion of usage or Twitter just continues to grow at its current rate you should start giving serious consideration how Twitter will fit into your overall Internet marketing strategy. Here are some high level things to consider:

  1. Look at the Twitter demographics from the Pew research report (link below). Do these numbers give you an insight on how Twitter effects your market?
  2. Check your resources. Do you have the internal resources to manage one or many twitter accounts?
  3. Do you have a social media policy in place that covers internal employees and how you plan on reacting to a twitter storm?

Be proactive

This post on Masahable has some great ideas on how to use Twitter in your business. A lot of the ideas are social media ideas that you should apply across all mediums.

  • Share inside information on how your company works. Humanize your business
  • Educate – Teach people something new about your industry or your products they might not know
  • Respond to them one-on-one, everyone likes attention.

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