What do You Want from Your Social Channels?

Do you wake up, read comments on your brands Facebook and Twitter page and immediately feel ill?

Some brands make cookies or sugar water, what I otherwise refer to as “drugs”. When they post on social media they are usually starting with a base of fans that can’t get enough of their products and don’t mind paying for them. They have to, they’re addicted. These companies can be cute, funny off the charts nuts with their social posts if they want to and they will be greeted with positive sentiment. Better yet, just the mention of the brand makes the consumer want to go consume them!

Other inspirational brands like Nike don’t make a drug but have make a product that is very much in the zingiest of our culture and enable consumers to make themselves better. Not a drug but the next best thing, the ability to directly help ME.

My Brand does Not Make Cookies

But if your brand does not make a product or service that easily translates into this category you’re likely to not getting quite the response that makes you feel good. You’re getting complaints, derogatory remarks and  mostly dismay.

What are you Goals?

Yeah, yeah. I know this you say. I’ve got to set my social goals, I’ve got those; Reach, engagement, likes, sharing. Heck, you’ve got a video that was viewed 500K times in less than a month, yeah! The big question is “then what did the consumer do?”

If your Social channels goals don’t map to your business goals did you really notch a “win”? Or did you do something that made you feel good but not much else?

How do I Create Goals that Matter?

This is where the social challenge really comes home. There is only so much you can do in a simple Facebook ad or Tweet. (Pinterest is another animal all together). You need a destination for your posts that matter to your customers, not just fluff. But, at the same time if your assets don’t lead the customer experience that moves them down a path that has an impact on your business, was the effort worth it?

Each business will answer this differently but is a question we need to constantly ask ourselves.

What is Your social goal?

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