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Image of home pageHaving come from a high end consumer electronics company, I’ve had may discussions on how to best present them online. Today I’d like to highlight a site that does a superb job at mixing beautiful product shots, tangy product descriptions and stories, and a beautiful, simple site design.

A Sense of Special is a high end food reseller. They find the best of the best, often in limited quantities. They give you direct access to artisan products and ingredients, many of which have only been available to professional chefs until now.  OK, now I want it.


Clean Design & Easy to Navigate

This is one of the most inviting e-commerce sites I’ve seen recently, here’s why:

  • The site is very easy to navigate and has a nice clean design.
  • Easy to read menus and the copy is an  easy to read size and font.
  • Call to Actions are easy to read and consistently the same color. 
  • The category pages have big bold headers with a defining image.
  • The grunge lettering gives it a youthful look.

Attention to Being Social

  • A home page eMail sign up with a well articulated reason for signing up
  • Facebook Like & Twitter links on product pages

Well Written Content that Caters to the Whole Customer

Good sites cater to the entirty of a customer and go well beyond just trying to sell them a product. GiltTaste hits the mark with really well written articles that portray the lifestyle that goes with the food they sell. It helps build the desire and feeds a feeling of how your life could be if you’d just jump in.

Well Written Product Copy

The product copy on this site addresses several issues and does so in a way that gives you greater and deeper detail as you scroll down the page. This allows the visitor to either purchase right away or read more.

  • It sells the product in an engaging yet factual way.
  • It says what makes the product special in the source and method of production.
  • It tells you when and how you will receive the product.
  • Every product page tells you why the folks at GiltTaste love it. A good personal touch.
  • They finish off with a recap of all the details in easy to read bullet format.

What’s missing : If the business model allowed I’d like to see them add a phone number or chat at the bottom of the page for additional questions. It would also be nice to see a similar products at the bottom to avoid a dead end at the bottom of the page.

Stunning Product Shots

Product shots can make or break a sale online. This is especially true when you’re selling high end products at a premium price.

The product shots on this site impart a sense of quality and freshness. There is nothing more I can say, you just have to see them.


This is where the site falls down a bit. The checkout portion of the site was well done and followed the site in simplicity, but is missing a couple of critical items.

  • Security – Although if you clicked on the small footer text that said Security you could see they use SSL, it is not enough. It needs  a security graphic link like Verisign.
  • It missed the opportunity to reinforce the customers choice on the right hand site of the page.
  • There was no way to modify my order once it was started.
  • No add-on sales opportunities shown.


This site did an excellent job in presentation and creating a sense of desire for the product. If they can tighten up the cross-product marketing and  e-Commerce end a little they would be near perfect.

I’m now starving! What do you think?

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