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How Not to Use QR Codes for Print

  QR Codes are quickly gaining popularity. Because of this many companeis are putting them everywhere, often without thought as to what they want to accomplish. How to have a Bad Customer Experinece with QR Codes In a recent Sunday newspaper (yes,...


Total Customer eCommerce

Are you marketing to your entire customer or just to the part that wants your specific product? Holistic Digital Marketing & eCommerce Like you, your customer is multi-dimensional. Customers have different interests and reasons for buying and remaining loyal to a brand or...

Site of the Week – Giggle.com 1

Site of the Week – Giggle.com

I only do a site of the week when I see something I really like, or is a real disaster. This week it is a site that I really like. It does almost everything right. Giggle.com is a small national chain of...