10 Social Holiday Checkup Ideas

Are you ready for the holiday and the social challenges and opportunities it brings? 

Now is the time to check your holiday plans twice for the upcoming holiday season. Here are some things you need to think about now. You’ll see that internal alignment is critical but not the only thing to consider.

  1. Align your social message with your overall company holiday goals.
  2. Double check your web sites social sharing and that you’re up to date and functioning.
  3. Make sure your PR, Social and Digital teams are aligned and sending the same message.
  4. Create a good content mix of useful customer information vs sales messages
  5. Will you need more customer service reps in social this year than last?
  6. Create shareable, themed holiday content that will work across all channels.
  7. Consider a surprise and delight campaign.
  8. Highlight your CSR, corporate social responsibility efforts. If you do good in the world, share it!
  9.  Line up advocates and influencers to map support to your overall strategy.
  10. Consider ways to integrate your retail stores into your social plans

Bonus item: Have a holiday incident or tragedy plan for social. If something goes wrong with your product/service or in society (we live in a crazy and connected world) what will be your plan to handle it.

I’m sure I could list 11-33 but 10 is such a nice number. What things would you add to your holiday social checklist?

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