Is a Single CTA better than Multiple CTA’s? It Depends.

abQI often hear folks say a single call to action is critical for communications success. It distracts folks from what you want them to do. Bifurcates your efforts and challenges success.

List the Reasons 1 CTA is Better than 2

There are certainly cases where a single CTA is preferable. But the only one that I believe is viable is when you don’t have anything else you’d like to get the customer to do. How often is that the case? Did you make your list?

Now make a list all the things you’d like customers to do once you have their attention. On top of mind are the following:

  • Click
  • Sign up for a mailing list
  • Take a survey
  • Engage
  • Share

Remember you just paid $0.25 to $10 or more to get their attention. If they don’t complete the first objective, are you really ready for them to ignore you totally?

To be sure there can be cases where due to the platform, situation or other factor forcing a decision on one item, is an important feedback consideration. But there are many other times when following the idea that you can only have one action, may mean you’re missing an opportunity to capture a secondary goal that could be just as valuable.

More on this topic can be found in this great article Everything Marketers Should Know About Secondary CTAs

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