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What is Your Site Optimized for?

Optimizing your site for users (SEO, or what I call UOC) should be one of your main goals because with a few exceptions, it offers one of the highest converting channels for many industries. For some ecommerce businesses a good email marketing will...


Total Customer eCommerce

Are you marketing to your entire customer or just to the part that wants your specific product? Holistic Digital Marketing & eCommerce Like you, your customer is multi-dimensional. Customers have different interests and reasons for buying and remaining loyal to a brand or...

Great Video on SEO , Post Panda 0

Great Video on SEO , Post Panda

This is a great video from SEOMOZ. It addresses the holistic approach to SEO I’ve been preaching for the past two years. Hat off to my friend Nick Musica for calling this out two years ago in his book, When Search Meets...