What is Your Site Optimized for?

Target keywordsOptimizing your site for users (SEO, or what I call UOC) should be one of your main goals because with a few exceptions, it offers one of the highest converting channels for many industries. For some ecommerce businesses a good email marketing will trump SEO for conversions, but outside of that an organic search will usually get a very high conversion rate.

What is Your Site Being Found For?

Companies spend endless hours pouring over their analytics (or hopefully they do) in an effort to understand who’s coming to their site and from what keywords. There are a few keyword quesitons business and marketing managers should be asking themselves when they look at analytics.

  1. What am I being found for?
  2. Are my keywords I’m found for in line with my goals?
  3. What keywords are converting?

What are my competitors being found for?

 Knowing what your top competitors site is optimized for is good way to help build your content strategy. You can either choose to mimic them exactly, pick off phrases or keywords they lack, or go after the places where you both fall in the 11 -30 in the results, and work to increase your ranking.

How to Determine Your Current Optimization

One way to get a view of your sites current optimization is to use Google Adwords Keyword Discovery tool. If you type in a site name it will deliver a list of Keywords that show up on the site along wtih additional suggestions, the level of Adwords competition, and the number of times it is searched for globally and locally. Next try the top keywords in your favorite search engine and see where your site ranks for them.

Why is this important?

Knowing what keywords you’re being found for can tell you if your content is hitting the mark, or missing by a mile. Remember, your goal is not to satisfy serach engines, but the site visitor. If they see the keywords they want in  your content, and  your content matches their expectations, they are more likely to stay, and convert.

Coming soon: Choosing Keywords to Target

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