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This is a great video from SEOMOZ. It addresses the holistic approach to SEO I’ve been preaching for the past two years. Hat off to my friend Nick Musica for calling this out two years ago in his book, When Search Meets Usability.

Too many people think just regular everyday good content is going to get them found. Nope. There are too many people working the system today for that alone to get you on page one. Remember, there are only 10 spots on page one.

You need to go well beyond good content with:

  • Great site usability
  • Great looking site
  • Multiple forms of media to engage the user including maybe games?
  • Easily Shared content that is worth sharing
  • Content Continuity and Flow. (content should feed off of and support other content)
  • An overall strategy that ties everything together


I know this all still sound like just great content but it’s not. There is an intangible when it all comes together that makes people want to click on your links, share them and browse through your site. In other words, your writing about things and presenting things your passionate about.

What do you think?



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