2014, The Year of the Cloud, Again

cloud2013 was definitely a good year for all things cloud. Consumers are finally starting to understand what it means and how it can help/affect their lives.  Though not the only notable news item, the undeniable rise of the Chormebook has certainly had an effect.

Chromebooks are Google’s attempt at launching a third OS to rival Apple and Microsoft. The key difference is very little of the OS lives on the actual PC, but instead, in the cloud. This makes it highly resistant (immune?) to viruses and it requires no updating. Google’s push to popularize their once laughed at computer OS is starting to gel. By the end of the year Chromebooks had captured 9.6% of the PC market, making Micorsoft stand up and take notice.

Microsoft is not the only company that needs to worry. Apple, once the sole owners of the education market are also starting to feel the effects. This year my daughter started 7th grade where upon arrival, they assigned her a Google Drive account and ID to receive and submit assignments. This makes the $250 Samsung Chormebook she uses quite handy. With everything in the cloud and no OS to mess up, this makes the household IT guy, me, very happy.

This is just the beginning of where the cloud will take us. Stay tuned.

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