Explain Your Facebook Policy

With the advent of Facebooks new venture into capturing and sharing as much information as they can, you will need a strategy to inform your users how you connect to Facebook and what you do with this information. Do you need a Facebook Policy?

Using Facebooks new tools

With Facebooks new tools you can add lots of gadgets to your site that really lock you in tight with your community. Having Sally see that Jane and Bob are also fans of your site or blog could be a big boost. It can also make them wonder how you got that information. Carefully choose which tools you want to use and implement them wisely. Try and think of your sites visitors reaction when they see their name or picture on your site.

Explaining your privacy positions, and your Facebook Policy

You of course have a privacy policy but this isn’t really you sharing the information is it? The quesiton is does the user care who is sharing the information or will they simply be upset with you that you shared their face on your website? Some sites are going so far as to explain to users how to edit their Facebook privacy settings. This is a great idea especially since Facebook is not doing such a good job at explaining it.

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