If You’re Totally Under Water, Are you Wet?


This was a question asked by my 10 year old daughter this summer while swimming in our pool. Believe it or not this prompted a two week long conversation among folks who were at our house that weekend. (there are also 37M results when you search for this)

To say that consumers are bombarded with input on a daily basis is an understatement. To stand out amidst the noise is difficult and challenging. Even business consumers want to be entertained when reading about your product or service. So what can you do to get above the noise, get noticed, and start conversations?

4 ways to keep your content and message interesting during the upcoming holiday season.

  1. Bold images or Daring headlines – Support plain headlines with bold images and plain images with daring headlines. Everyone knows you have seconds to catch someones attention.
  2. Address your market with a sense of humor – We live in tough times and people need to laugh. I recently wrote a blog post for an enterprise messaging company in which we portrayed a real customer success story in a humorous and overly dramatic fashion. The client and the readers loved it.
  3. Steal from today’s headlines – “Congress Actually Did Something, Celebrate with Us”. By capitalizing on what’s fresh in peoples minds you increase your chances of engaging with them. Be careful not to pick a side but support the conversation!
  4. A Better Social Media Strategy – Build a Social Media strategy that meets the bigger picture of your customers lives. Don’t just address your product or service. Create conversations that are topical, controversial and worthy of being shared.

As for the headline question of this article, we finally came to a conclusion.


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