Less Branding, More Filling

Though not the best example of minimal branding I think this is still an excellent example of a lightly branded campaign that does several things.

  1. Makes you feel good about the product; in this case France.
  2. Laugh, everyone likes that.
  3. Have a sense of wonderment. (my favorite made up word0

It also follows the major rule of putting things in front of people they don’t expect to see. I think this does a wonderful job of transferring the good feeling you get from the video to the product. Using animals also never hurts. But hey, where are the kittens?

Do you agree this level of branding works?

For something even more interesting check my comment after the break.

Even more interesting is how I first found this video. Not on Youtube but on facebook. An enterprising individual, selling his secret sauce to internet fame and fortune copied the ad, not linked too, copied it, onto his Facebook page. From what I could tell he had more shares than the video had when it first launched, over a year ago.



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