Measuring Your Websites Internet Strategy Initiatives

Most companies these days have websites. If you have an ecommerce website it is fairly easy to determine your measurement points; Traffic, Conversions and Average Order Size T/C/A.  With these three metrics you can determine quite a bit. But if you’re not an ecommerce site it is not as straight forward.

Determining success for a non-ECommerce website

Every website should have goals for their website even if it is not a commerce site. How do you determine them? First ask yourself what value does your site bring to your business & customers. Here are a few ideas;

  • Prospects for your sales team
  • Prospects for your dealers
  • Revenue from advertising
  • Product & brand awareness
  • Detailed product specs
  • Product reviews
  • Product forums

For the examples given above you could measure the following:

  • Forms filled out for more information
  • Downloads of brochures
  • Clicked links to dealer sites
  • Revenue from ads
  • Number of visits to a product page
  • Number of return visits to a product page
  • Increase of brand awareness (as measured in social media chatter)
  • Time visitors stay on your site
  • Number of times your information is shared via a social media tool or emai
  • Number of product reviews gathered (if your site has a place for reviews)
  • Number of chat sessions (if you have chat)

These are but a few ideas of things to measure. Remember in the old days we’d take out newspaper and magazine ads and usually guess at what customer interactions we got form them. Yet today most companies don’t measure the dozens of items available to them on their sites. What are your measurement goals for your site?

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