Social Media – Low Tech

I’ve written before that not all Social Media is Facebook and Twitter. In the old days we had forums and bulletin boards which were very social indeed. The best social media reaches the customers you want at a time and place that is convenient for them, offers them high value, and gives you a good return on your efforts.

Low Tech Social Media

It’s snowing here in the Northeast on this spring day and there is nothing more detrimental to selling Italian Ice  on a cold and snowy day. Especially if you have to stand outside or go to your car to eat it. But when my local Rita’s text’s me that they are running a snowy day buy one get one free special it’s tempting to pile my Rita Loving kids in the car to save $4 bucks.


Your Social Media/Interactive strategy should include every arrow you can fit in your quiver. Build your strategy considering the following basic rules:

  • Who is my audience
  • How and where can I most easily reach them
  • What is my goal with each Social Media or Marketing action I take
  • Build your Social channels into all your marketing messages, print, radio, web…
  • What is my capacity to manage and execute on each plank of my strategy

Now go to your local Rita’s and sign up for their text alerts, Spring has to get here sooner or later.


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