Top Ten Search Results, Where do you Rank?

An important part of your Internet strategy should be to rank well for the top keywords in your industry. According to an article in Website Magazine May 2010, less than 2% of company websites showed a significant number of their keyword terms in the top results. The article defined top results as the top 100!

Top Ten Search Results
Being in the top 10-20 search results is where you really need to be, so ask yourself how many of your search terms rank in the top 10? Given the statistics, it is most likely none. Most companies have absolutely no idea how to get there.   They may not even know what they want to be found for.

The basics of being found
You can find this same information on thousands of sites across the  net

  • Good site structure including Title tags, description tags and proper use of H1 and strong tags
  • Good content written in a way that is readable by users who don’t read but scan web pages
  • Inbound links from authoritative websites that point to your site with the correct keywords
  • A solid social media plan that starts with a good blog and continually expands including how you manage your customer service

How Come Only 2% of sites are actually found?
The above list sounds pretty simple doesn’t it? If it is how come only 2% of  company sites show up in the top 100 of search results?

My sites have consistently ranked in the top 10-20 for desired keywords?
Contact me to find out how I managed to get many of the businesses I’ve worked on into the top 10 for dozens and hundreds of their desired keywords.

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