What happens to ads when search goes audio?

Always ready, connected and fast. Just askWhat happens to the online ad business when a large part of the population starts to perform the majority of its search and information requests via an audio only interface? We do it now with our phones, or can, and now Amazon has released a new appliance named Echo that is an audio only device for news, information and or course shopping.

In the case of Amazon it’s pretty easy to see their hope lies in you using the device to order paper towels with your voice. To quote Buggsy, ” you might rabbit, you might“. But if other companies want to compete how will they garner revenue? Let’s consider some options.

Subscription model -This is also part of the Amazon equation I’m sure but other companies could offer search and information services based upon a flat fee.

Alternate access ads – By this I mean ads that will show up in an app or other connected device that reaches out to the services information to drive you to partner or self owned goods and services. Imagine when you go to the app for Echo to see your shopping list you see coupons for some of the items or ads for competitors.

Audio Ads – This seems the least likely. Bur who would tolerate a service that served you unwanted audio ads in order to get your content? Oh wait, that’s radio. But seriously, it would be obtrusive in an on-demand information setting.

I’m sure there are brighter minds than mine coming up with all types ways to monetize audio only interfaces but be sure of one thing, it’s coming.

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