7 Customer Centric Email Marketing Ideas

open email iconEmail marketing is alive and well. In fact as I mentioned in a recent post on email mistakes , Website Magazine states that Email is responsible for 56.8 percent of traffic arriving at the shopping cart and 67 percent of the conversions.

There are several area’s in which companies miss opportunities to increase loyalty, and increase sales by staying customer centric with their approach to email.


  1. Informative vs. Promotional – Of course you want to sell products, but in between purchases you want to engage customers in a way that makes them want to open your emails. Giving them content they care about helps build this behavior. Adding  product or industry related educational/informational content, can help in keeping their interest. This content should have links back to related products on your site.
  2. Build Excitement – Pre-promote your next email topic on your site, and in your emails. Let them know what’s coming next, so they have a reason to read look forward to your next email.
  3. Automated vs Triggered – Take advantage of purchases and other on-site events with triggered emails, by sending a follow-up message that is related to the purchase. If they purchased an iPod, send them a list of accessories. Send your automated emails out on the same day and time, and give customers something to look forward to. (see item one).
  4. Don’t Overload – Think usability.  An email that is too busy and tries to promote too many items, will often loose your customer. Stay focused.
  5. Segment your lists – To start, make your sign up as simple as possible, asking only what you need. Later you can include short polls in your emails to further segment your lists.
  6. Easy to Find List Sign-up – Make your email sign-up message easy to find, with a real value proposition for your customer. Example: “Sign up for the latest on pet health and product discounts” .
  7. Be Social – Include social links in your email, make them easy to share.

Keeping focused on your customers needs and desires, can help increase and maintain their interest, and their open and click through rates.

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