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SAN FRANCISCO - DECEMBER 16:  The Best Buy log...

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Usability is a critical factor in website conversion so making your site as user friendly as possible should be an ongoing, never-ending goal. Best Buy is my first site of the week. Here’s why.

  • Large easy to read navigation with fewer than 8 items
  • Drop down navigation off of main menu is easy to follow and allows users to easily find the category/product they are looking for. It’s also fast and devoid of unnecessary graphics
  • Easy to read and find secondary navigation
  • Big up-front search feature in the upper left to take advantage of where people will look
  • Easy to see feature product navigation with icons so visitors can easily see other features
  • Security easy to find, TRUSTe and CyberTrust on bottom of the page (not shown)
  • Phone # listed on the bottom of the page.

Also see this great article on pros and cons of different site navigation.

How does your site compare?

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