Google Adwords are Better than Facebook Ads

If you’re getting caught up in the Social Media world and think it would be perfect to advertise your product or service through Facebook due to its extreme targeting it avails,  you might want to first consider the following obvious factors.

Facebook is a Social Network

By definition Facebook is a social network and people go there to socialize. Yes they exchange ideas, become fans and tell others about things they’ve purchased, used or love, but mostly it is to just socialize. Socializing does not mean that they are “buying” or “shopping” mood. Facebook also does not have a store, at least at the moment, or offer things like price comparison or critical mass of reviews.

Google is a Search Engine

People use Google to Find things, people, places, information and to shop. A recent study suggests that 60% of shoppers start with Search. Clearly when typing a product category/name into a search engine many users are not only looking for the product, but are also likely to have a higher interest in purchasing.


Use both Search and Social to help close sales. Remember that social is not just Facebook. It’s forums, blogs and consumer reviews to name a few other critical parts of the social media landscape. Given that most users will start with search build a strategy that starts with either a solid SEO/SERP plan, I good PPC plan, (especially if you have no SEO, and a social media plan that extends to the entire social media environment.

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