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To quote a favorite Monty Python line SEO is not dead yet, nor has it peaked. With the latest release of Panda from Google, getting to the top of the search results is still an attainable goal for many sites. Google will always continue to make strides against black hat SEO and I applaud that. Still Google does reward sites that create good content that is easy to use and refered to from other sites

SEO is Never ending

SEO is too often treated as an end-game. Companies think they can spend some money here, changes some copy there and be at the top of the SERP and stay there. Good SEO is an ongoing effort to make the best destination for your visitors you can possibly create and market the heck out of it.

It’s All About the Visitor

Done right sustainable SEO is a mix of the following

  • Well though out site structure, which makes it easy for the engines and visitors to understand your site (usability)
  • Great Content, which engages your visitors and makes them want to read and refer
  • Good marketing, which gets you mentioned on other sites and creates backlinks

So Simple Yet So hard

This seems like such a simple formula that everyone should be at the top of the rankings. With many moving parts SEO is a difficult beast to tame. With search engines constantly changing the playing field it requires focus an a dedicated professional capable of working across multiple disciplines and departments to make it work right.

Does your company have what it takes to keep up?

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