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The Final Word on Duplicate Content 1

The Final Word on Duplicate Content

Not a month goes by that someone does not ask me about duplicate content and its affect on your rankings in Google, and your social media planning. At lunch a few weeks ago a colleague complained that he is also constantly asked...

Forget Panda, Provide Value 0

Forget Panda, Provide Value

I just got the latest newsletter from Netelixr, a Search company owned by my friend Udayan Bose. The title was Making the Second Half of 2011 Count With Google Panda.  Pointing out that there are only 67 days till back-to-school and 6...

2013 – The Year of the Cloud 0

2013 – The Year of the Cloud

I’ve been following the cloud with great interest since Slacker and Pandora came on the scene some time around 2007. The idea of streaming music from the cloud was appealing and struck a chord. This year however the cloud will come fully...