Making Your Blog Mobile Ready

I’m sure by now everyone knows the importance of mobile. Making your web site mobile ready is something that should at least be on your to-do list. Sure, it is expensive and time consuming to make your site mobile, but even if your site is not mobile ready, your blog can be.

Make your Blog Mobile Friendly

For those of you who use WordPress for your blogs there are a few options making your blog mobile ready. One of the best options is WPTouch, a WordPress plugin that nicely displays your blog on iOS, Android or Blackberry, and it’s FREE.

Usability of Mobile Web

In a recent review famed usability expert Jakob Nielsen reviewed a site using this pulgin on a site that only had the bare minimum settings. He liked it but had some great suggestions. Most of his suggestions were easily implemented by changing options on the plugin. The response from the WPMobile folks is worth a read as it gives a really nice overview of the plugin in the process. Remember, how you set up your mobile site depends on your strategy.

Stop-gap measures till your site is Mobile Ready

While your building your mobile ready website you can still offer site visitors a compelling experience by doing the following:

  • Redirect mobile users to a Page on your WordPress blog
  • Have that page mimic the message on your main site with the option to go back to the regular site if they wish
  • Reproduce some of your most important content from your site on your blog, not all of it, just the critical stuff
  • Make sure you blog posts have lots of links back to your products as well as a good mix of informational off-site links. (remember, it’s a blog and it should also be showing visitors stuff that is of interest to them outside of your product or service)

You can get WPTouch for WordPress here.

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