Reputation Management-Take advantage of Negative Press

Many companies spend a lot of time watching what is said about them on Facebook. Some companies spend time looking on Twitter. Beyond Facebook and Twitter most companies pay little attention to managing their online reputation. Note this example of a company who had 4 out of 5 bad reviews via Google Maps.

Steps to Managing your Online Reputation

  1. Decide who is going to monitor your online reputation. Will it be customer service, PR, Marketing or an outside agency?
  2. Come up with a response plan on how different types of  comments will be dealt with and in what time frame.
  3. Be aware of the places your company and products might be discussed. This includes industry specific forums and blogs.
  4. Be proactive in the most trafficked placed you are mentioned. Don’t wait for bad press, instead create good will.

Help Your Online Reputation Work For You

First realize that you won’t be able to cover every mention of your company, and you need to make sure you set reasonable expectations with your executives. Concentrate instead on the following:

  1. Building a proactive outreach by creating a social media advocacy program.
  2. Use social media to discover where you can improve your product or service.
  3. Engage with happy customers as well as unhappy ones. They will work for your tirelessly.

There are many ways of taking your new found fear of unflattering posts about your company into a positive. The most important is to start your program today.  The What has your company done?

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