What does Sombrero Man Have That Your Company Does Not?

Sombrero Man of Flanders, NJWho is Sombrero Man?

A young guy who basically walks everywhere in Flanders and Roxbury NJ wearing a sombrero. He is everywhere, always walking and happy to share a smile and even take a picture with you and your friends. If asked he will give you his bio and be happy to talk to you. Judging by comments I’ve read he has also done some substitute teaching at the local schools.

What does he have your Company May Not? 4%+  Market Penetration.

To start with he has his own Fan Page on Facebook with almost 2,000 fans. Now a lot of you may have more than 2K fans, but consider this guy has no marketing budget and a very limited geographic area. Considering the size of the local population his fan page covers just over 4% of his “market”, so to speak. Does your fan page reach 4% of your market?

What lessons can companies learn from Sombrero man of Flanders?

  1. Stand out from the crowd and dare to be different. People love him, talk about him and want to meet him because he is dared to be different. He has a “brand”. Not to many people walk around most of the time wearing a sombrero, all seasons, all the time. What can your difference be?
  2. Be everywhere. Get out in your community and walk around. Get your social media strategy in gear and out beyond Facebook and Twitter.
  3. Talk to people. Tell them who you are, and your story.
  4. Smile and be friendly.

I’ve not met him personally yet but I plan to soon. Hey, this dude is cool.

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