Make Affiliates Part of Your Social Media Strategy

Many e-commerce businesses use an Affiliate marketing strategy to increase sales and those who are not are missing an opportunity to increase sales by up to 20%.

Most e-commerce businesses that use affiliates greatly under-utilize this incredible resource.

If you are not communicating with your affiliates at least twice a month than you are leaving money and social media juice on the table. Affiliates crave attention. Even the big affiliates are always in need of something to write about. Affiliates are busy people. Like everyone else they are understaffed and have many opportunities on the table. Don’t assume they know all about your business and how to promote it.  The more you communicate with your affiliates the more they will write about you.

The more affiliates write, the more opportunities for their visitors to share

So it would appear to be common sense that the more posts about your business that exist the more folks will read about it. Good affiliates will have their site optimized for social media.

Affiliate Social Media Strategy

  • Communicate with your affiliates twice a month, once at a minimum
  • Don’t assume they know all about your business, give them detailed information to write about
  • Follow up with your Key affiliates, give them special information

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