What’s Your 2011 Holiday Strategy?

It’s April folks. Time to think snow, red ribbons and fat men in red suits. In other words time to get your e-commerce & marketing strategy ready for 2011 holiday season. Time to get all that data you have from the 2010 holiday season and put it to good use. (you did gather data right?) Don’t forget that your e-commerce strategy needs to be supported by your SEO, Pay Per Click, e-mail, social media and customer service teams.

What you need to be looking at for a successful 2011 e-commerce season

  • First, look at your analytics decide where you need to improve
  • 2010 cart abandonment rate and how to improve it
  • Overall usability and how to tweak it
  • A rock solid merchandising plan
  • Product Focus and message to go with your merchandising plan
  • Sync your off-line activities and online merchandising plan. If you have them don’t forget your retailers & partners
  • e-mail marketing plan synced to your merchandising plan
  • Your Social Media strategy plan including Facebook, key forums and blogger outreach. And don’t forget to start awareness early!
  • Maybe a f-store strategy. Be bold here, timid folks need not apply but neither should anyone without a plan and goal

Most of all, don’t wait. Start your planning now with a goal to have it completed by June 30, 2011.

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