When to Use SEO vs PPC

A recent study by Conductor found that many fortune 500 companies are not investing in organic search results or SEO. Instead they are pouring money into PPC advertising. Pay per click advertising has its place, no doubt, but it is not a good long term strategy by itself. Here are some basic guidelines for building your PPC & SEO Strategy.

When to Use PPC

  • Launching a new business or product line which does not rank any other way
  • Fill in for key missing keyword you are not ranking for
  • Tests show that your ROI on your bid price is positive beyond all of the costs involved
  • You want to augment a good SERP (search engine results page) ranking

When to use SEO

  • You are building a new site, preferably before you build it
  • When you launch a new product line, start with the copy and don’t forget your linking strategy
  • You want a long term sustainable position for your keywords

Here are some of the key advantages of SEO & PPC

PPC Advantages

  • With enough budget you can get to the first page search results instantly
  • You can build special landing pages that might only be needed for a short time
  • If you show up organically you can double your chances of being clicked on with a PPC campaign

SEO Advantages

  • Once you build your site to a page 1 position it can last a Long time, offering a very good ROI
  • More people look at natural results than paid
  • The cost is often lower than it appears when you amortize it 

Both strategies have a place in your Internet marketing strategy. Understanding SEO and its implementation can put you on a path to dramatically increase your bottom line.  


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