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We’ve all been there. Something happens in the social space that sets your C suite off into panic land. It could be a competitor calling you out, a key influencer complaining or a blog writing a scathing review of your new product or service. And of course it goes viral, or at least what seems to be viral in your executives mind. After all she saw it right? So if she saw it everyone did. Count to 10, don’t panic and above all…

Don’t Take It Personally and Count to 10

You should take your job personally, be all-in and attack it 110%. Hopefully you love your company and the service it provides and how it enriches society on the whole. What you should NOT do is take every jab, punch or comment as a personal attack you. It makes you think and act irrationally which will usually lead to a bad place.

Discover the Actual Problem

First look for the root cause of the problem. Was it a personal problem the blogger/poster is having? Is it a misunderstanding of a product feature or function? What is causing the actual discussion? That is the best place to start. Reacting to the first thing you see could lead you to respond to something that is not the actual issue.

How Big Is the Problem?

What looks like a monster about to eat your company from the inside out can often be a blip that will go away all on it’s own. I’m not recommending you ignore a customer problem, but I am suggesting you don’t mobilize the Calvary to kill a spider. (Not that I advocate killing spiders in most cases). A simple outreach to address the cause in the correct environment might not only solve the problem, but give you a social bump as they sing your praises for addressing the problem. The last thing you want to do is bring more attention to a problem that’s not as big as it looks, but could get bigger if you pour gasoline on it.

Always War Game Your Responses

No mater how you decide to respond, a simple outreach or a full blown campaign, war game it first. Make sure you consider how your decided upon action will be viewed by the social sphere and your competitor/antagonist. Fail to do this at your own peril.

Involve People Who Can Help You

Sometimes it’s trickier and requires more delicate or larger response. Depending on the issue you may want to consult customers service, PR or even legal. I’m not going to go into specifics of each situation but if you’re unsure it’s likely best to consult with your peers. They might also be noticing it and discussion on potential actions could be beneficial. Taking a coordinated action is critical.

Report the Facts

Finally, report the facts at each stage of your monitoring, engagement and resolution. Sometimes the numbers will tell you how to handle it. Knowing where you started, how it played out and where you ended will be top of mind for your executive and it will make them confident you have things in hand.

Panic free social is obtainable with an approach that is considered, inclusive and planned.

Share your social media panic story.

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