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Total Customer eCommerce

Are you marketing to your entire customer or just to the part that wants your specific product? Holistic Digital Marketing & eCommerce Like you, your customer is multi-dimensional. Customers have different interests and reasons for buying and remaining loyal to a brand or...

Will iOS5 Cause a Twitter Explosion 0

Will iOS5 Cause a Twitter Explosion

According to a study released on June 1, 2011 ┬áby Pew Research 13% of Americans use Twitter. About half of these use thier phones to access the micro-blogging service. Ok that’s a lot of people right? Twitter on iOS5 So what happens...


Scaling Your Social Media with Advocacy Programs

Everyone wants to have a successful Social Media strategy; a Facebook page, a Twitter account & participation in forums and other social platforms. The problem is that the conversations about your products and services are going through the roof, or hopefully are,...