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Making Your Blog Mobile Ready

I’m sure by now everyone knows the importance of mobile. Making your web site mobile ready is something that should at least be on your to-do list. Sure, it is expensive and time consuming to make your site mobile, but even if...


8 Important e-commerce Merchandising Tips

Physical stores spend a small forture making sure that the first thing you see when you walk in the door is something that will get your attention. The oval layout of Kohl’s was carefully planned to lead people by profitable departments. Macy’s...

Hyperlocal, Who Best to Take Advantage? 0

Hyperlocal, Who Best to Take Advantage?

Thanks to my buddy Rob Kaminoff  for posting about StreeFightMag, a new site on that will cover the hyperlocal industry. Since I launched  to the 136th most visited site online in the mid 90’s, hyperlocal content has been a passion of...

Why Viral Videos Fail 0

Why Viral Videos Fail

Verizon recently posted an online video called Verizon 4G LTE Rocket Test. The video, shown below shows 4 – 20-somethings shooting a rocket at a Verizon hotspot pinned to a target. It’s short, pretty cool and the excited reaction of the participants...

What’s Your 2011 Holiday Strategy? 0

What’s Your 2011 Holiday Strategy?

It’s April folks. Time to think snow, red ribbons and fat men in red suits. In other words time to get your e-commerce & marketing strategy ready for 2011 holiday season. Time to get all that data you have from the 2010...


SEO and Design

Four months ago Google rolled out what I think is an under examined feature, Site Preview. This little addition allows users to preview what the site looks like before they click. So you’re asking yourself what does site design have to do...

InfoGraph on History of Social Media 0

InfoGraph on History of Social Media

This is a great InforGraph on the history of Social Media.  Click to enlarge.Courtesy of Central Desktop


Social Media – Low Tech

I’ve written before that not all Social Media is Facebook and Twitter. In the old days we had forums and bulletin boards which were very social indeed. The best social media reaches the customers you want at a time and place that...


Flash Still Not Seen By Search Engines – Update 2011

Reading Jill Whalen’s lastest email newletter and one of my favorite topics came up.  How well do search engines index Flash sites or Flash on sites. I always tell people that if they really want interactivity on their sites there are other...